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Propel your business forward by caring for the engine.

We service our car every year or at least regularly pump up the tyres and check the oil. We do this to avoid big break downs, dodge a costly repair fee or worst case having to buy a new car all together.

We look after our cars as they are our mode of transportation getting us from A to B, the vehicle that facilitates our easy transition through daily life.

Your people are your businesses vehicle, they move your business forward. They are the power, the engine of your business, facilitating your next sale, operating your machines, chasing the invoice that needs paying, training your new comers to become valuable assets to this well-oiled machine, that works for you and your businesses best interest.

A car can look attractive, useful, even powerful on the surface but without a service, oil, water and tyre changes, it would soon stall and become obsolete.

Investing in HR practises that support and facilitate the training, development, growth and wellbeing of your people is paramount. There are a multitude of ways this can be done, although fundamentally to invest in your people is; to show genuine concern for their physical and mental wellbeing and be committed to improving it, provide a safe workplace and support and nurture development.

Getting the basics right will improve the overall employee experience, resulting in a happier workforce, less absenteeism, increased productivity, reduced costs in terms of recruiting and training new people, improved morale and a good reputation as an employer, all of which is great for business.

The CIPD’s annual Health and wellbeing at work report (March 2020) found that of those surveyed 37% reported an increase in stress-related absence over the last year, whilst 60% of respondents reported an increase in common mental health conditions.

People are the foundation of your business, they are the route to your successes or failures, the reason your customers come back, the cog that turns the machine. If your people are the engine that drives your business forward and the reason why your business is great, looking at the figures logically it would follow that investing in every aspect of people care would be a sound business decision. Because, if you look after your people, they will look after your business.

If you are a business committed to investing in your people and need HR advice or support contact us at info@seed-hr.co.uk or fill in the form on our contact page.

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